This trunk concept becomes useful in many different forms.It can be used transport luggage, ski, etc. having a high capacity

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This product addresses to all nature lovers and has several different uses that cover requirements for leisure in nature.

So, you may have a trunk, which allows the storage and transportation of several things needed in excursions.

It can also turn into a reasonable sized boat for more people.

The boat can be loosened in two independent modules for walking, fishing, leisure, etc.

Occupies a low storage space, so that it can be turned into a closet for the storage of various equipment needed in excursions (skis, fishing equipment, hunting equipment, etc.)

For travelling on smaller distances can become a trailer that can be attached to the scooter, motorcycle, ATV, or can be transformed into sled or troller hauled by hand.

On any of the modules you can attach a tent, so we have two tents that can be put into other areas and that, moreover, it would be impossible for a tent (uneven areas, swampy first–substandard or even water).

Also, you can use it as a camping table to serve food, arrange tools or for practicing various games.

This modular boat consists of two rigid housings and utility box with the trunk open, and turns into a safe boat (by raising an impermeable membrane), boat whose draught may transport more people and a large amount of material.

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Patent: RO 126,847

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Date posted: 2014-01-06

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