Camera Integrated Firearm System And Method

The invention replaces the factory recoil guide rod of the police pistol. The invention takes a video of police shootings in real time and transmits it to nearest cell tower within seconds. Even if invention is lost or destroyed, the shooting video is online. All operation is fully automatic.

Full Description:
You are a police officer. A methamphetamine crazed junkie lunges at you with a sawed-off 12 gauge shotgun. You draw your police issue handgun, aiming at the killer and issue the command to halt. The junkie responds by pumping the shotgun to load a shell into the firing chamber. BANG! You squeeze off one single round ending the murderous attack. Your would be killer dies in the ambulance on his way to the hospital. You go home to your wife and children. "Thank god I made it through, I sure am glad that's over" you think to yourself. But its not over. The Junkie's family sues you for wrongful death. They sue your department. Sue your town. The lawsuit drags on for years. YEARS! By the time it's all over, you, the GOOD guy have lost your home, your job, your savings. Your employer has paid MILLIONS of dollars to the junkie's family. That jury didn't have a video of the actual event to watch. And that's why you and your department and your city LOST! The invention replaces the recoil spring and guide rod assembly inside police issue handguns. Contained within the military hardened invention are a Camera, Gyro, Microphone, GPS, cellular transponder, battery, microprocessor and a charging/data port. Upon removal from it's holster, the gyro signals the microprocessor to switch on the camera and microphone. Video is being recorded inside the invention which is now aimed at the suspect. In police issue pistols, the recoil guide rod is parallel to the barrel therefore the camera is pointing precisely in the same direction that the bullet will go. Upon discharge of the police handgun, the invention transmits the last 20 seconds (this interval can be changed) of audio and video leading up to the firing of the gun AND the exact instant that the bullet strikes it's target. in addition to this video, GPS coordinates and the cell transmitters electronic serial number are also sent to the cell tower. The invention is FULLY automatic, it does not alter the design or function or safety or reliability or appearance of the handgun in any way. The handgun fits into the holster, has the same weight (within 21 grams) and is easily installed into police issue handguns without special tools and special training. It's all about the day in court. Because now you DO have live video. Now you the police officer and your department and your city can do your job without the fear of losing a wrongful death lawsuit because all of your department's handgun are equipped with US 7,937,880 B1, you can go home to your wife and kids. And sleep well.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Law enforcement shootings often result in wrongful death lawsuits. The invention protects the police officer and the municipality from disastrous multi-million dollar lawsuits and provides live video of the actual shooting from a camera installed inside the police issue handgun.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
Each copy of the invention contains a cellular transponder with its own ESN. Cellular service will be required. Were every police handgun in the US to be equipped with US 7,937,880 B1, the cellular revenue generated would be deep into the tens of billions of dollars annually. If you are interested in this invention you must have the funds and political clout to develop, produce, distribute and legislate the implementation of US 7,937,880 B1. Profit potential is in the billions of dollars. I am the inventor and patent holder and am flexible as to your options. Were you to pay me a lump sum, I'm asking $50 million dollars. I'm willing to consider leasing and other financing.

Patent: US 79,378,801

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Invention #11947
Date posted: 2014-03-19

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