Health Emergency Rescue Beacon (H.E.R.B)

It is a visual rescue signal. Designed and engineered, to be fitted to planes and ships of all manners. As well as a land based unit, for hikers and campers. All sorts of leisure activities, that take people into remote areas.

Full Description:
The invention is designed, to cast a visual light dispersion field across the sky. It will be able to encompass, a 500 kilometer radius of the sky. With an altitude, of 20,000 feet. These distances can be enlarged, depending on the power generation supplied.

The invention also houses, other technological means of location. Though the primary rescue method, is the light dispersion field. With a specially designed bulb filament, that will spell the words, S.O.S. This is primary a night time tool, though with the other rescue means previously mentioned. It will be a potent rescue, tool.

For more information and detailed drawings, please contact me. I have included some basic drawings, to give you an idea of the invention.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
The main theme, is the quick and accurate location of an emergency situation. To enable rescue parties, to locate persons and objects simply and quickly. With the hope of avoiding, loss of life.

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Invention #11979
Date posted: 2014-07-22

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