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A guitar amp with a built in monitor and computer to read, write, play, and learn the guitar with only two things in front of you, your guitar and your amp.

Full Description:
A guitar/bass amp that will have everything you will ever need to play the guitar all in one device so you don't have to lug four things around every time you want to play for yourself, or friends. The amp will have your basic guitar amp with all of your tuning built in while having a small monitor coming off of the amp. The monitor will be hooked up to a computer that is built into the amp. The monitor will display your music in two forms depending how you play your instrument tabs and sheet music. The computer will have all the music software that you will ever need built into it along with built in wifi so you can browse the internet and pull up sheet music or tabs on any song that you ever want to play. While also having the ability to pull up the music you will be able to play into your amp and the computer will be able to save the songs and transform it into sheet music so you can record your songs and play them back to your self. As the monitor will basically work as a computer screen or a karaoke machine moving along with the notes that you are playing and allowing you to speed up or slow down the tempo of the music depending on the how good of an artist you are. The computer will also be able to throw into any effects that you want to be play during the course of your song. Not only will it allow you to change the tone of your amp but it has the ability to read the music format of songs when you hook up your ipod and convert them into music so you have a hastle free way of learning a new song. Then for those people who are new to learning the guitar it will have built in software that will teach you the basics of playing guitar displaying how to place your fingers on the notes and how and when to strum when the notes come along. Basically this amp idea is a way to eliminate carrying a hundred things in order just to play making it simple way of putting every thing into one. While also adding more convenience into your life it is basically a mobile recording studio, as well as a learning studio.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Making playing music much simpler and eliminates all the extra tag along stuff that you have to carry with you while playing the guitar

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Invention #11983
Date posted: 2014-08-09

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