Electro Scan Tablet

It scans one's body front and back and it gives a detail description of your illness and injury's within 20 minutes.

Full Description:
The Electro Scan Tablet is a full body scanner. It will scan the front and back of ones body. After the scan is complete it will show what is wrong with person. It will give a detail description of the actual illness or injury. it will have the individuals body lays out with color indications of the injury or illness. This process will take 20 minutes to populate. After it is done scanning it will automatically upload to the doctors computer.

This will help the hospitals with people waiting in the ER. This will free up time and expense to the patient. This will work in with doctors who don't have the equipment to help someone out in a remote location. They will use the Electro Scan Tablet to see what the problem is until they can get the help they need.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
It address the anatomy of ones body from the inside.

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Patent: US 8,326,274,134

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Invention #12064
Date posted: 2015-06-01

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