2 Billion People Want to Learn A Second Language - Learn 900 Top Words a Day of French, etc!

I have a DEMO rendering my rapid learning language technique. CD-rom.

Preview DEMO CD-Rom for PC/MAC users below:


Full Description:
24/7 2 billion people want to learn a second language, with my DEMO CD-Rom for PC/Mac users, one can decide to teach people in the masses or select to teach the middle class and the wealthy.

£200,000 ONE-OFF-FEES are common for parents to pay super tutors in London, to teach their children subjects like languages for a few months work. Myself being a Genius. I could command a higher per client price.

The world could be your oyster, - simply find new opportunities or clients by offering my DEMO download.

See snapshot iPhone video below (trimmed to approximately 6 minutes long):


Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Foreign words are difficult to learn, however no its not, with my invention.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
Rapid Language Learning DEMO CD-Rom, 4 Languages, German, French, Spanish, Welsh, 10 words per language to practice learning, interactive with mini movies.

License rights for your country: Price £2,000 per month + 3% Royalties for 5 years.

Attached files:

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Available for consultation? Yes

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Date posted: 2015-08-17

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