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The purpose of my invention is to facilitate locating of my lost or stolen property by means of satalite and GPS technology.

Full Description:
The purpose of my idea / invention is to locate lost or stolen property by means of satellite tracking. The user would initially purchase membership into the "Locate My Property" system which would include ten of the systems locating strips. These approximately one quarter inch by one inch self adhesive locating strips would contain the members unique account number and would be sequencially numbered. Additional locating strips could be purchased at any time at a given cost and would continue to be sequencially numbered. The locating strips would then be applied by the user to any items wished to be protected. Then, should any item with a location strip be lost or stolen, a satellite signal would locate it and transmit its location to the systems GPS unit showing the items exact location.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
My invention addresses the problem of locating my lost or stolen property

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Patent: US 62,211,914

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Invention #12086
Date posted: 2015-09-01

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