The Light able Screwdriver

THe light able Screwdriver comes equpied with eight little lights towards the bottom of the shaft and shine from with in the handle. The shaft is spinable by a lithium powered battery . The handle is encased in a durable rubber for superior grip with a removal cap for batteries and favorit magnetic bits.

Full Description:
Description: Two already patented light able screwdrivers, a small one for laptops and small appliances and a larger one for desktops and larger appliances. They both come with eight little (LEDS) at the bottom of the shaft illuminating from with in the handle the work area. The units also has motors that spin the shaft forward and back. The motor has to be strong enough to unfasten tight screws. The bits are interchangeable from small to large, Philips, flathead, and thorx. The bottom of the handle is removable for the batteries and to hold up to eight or five favorite bits. The push in button is on the cap and the switch for the motor may be on the handle towards the shaft for left and right thumb use.

The screwdrivers dimensions are .

1. The small one's handle can be 3.5-4 inches with the shaft 1.5-2 inches

2.The larger one's handle could be 3.5-4.5 inches with the shaft at 3.5-4 inches

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
It illuminates the work area in low litted rooms or where the light just isn't enough and allows easy unfastening or fastening of screws. The light able Screwdriver comes in two sizes one small for laptops and smaller aplliances and a larger one for desktops and larger equipment.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
I have a business plan if needed.

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Patent: US 62,244,414

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Invention #12110
Date posted: 2015-12-17

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