Enviro Cooker

The cooker uses sunlight ie a solar panel,peltier pads under the cooker ,a battery,and an electrolysis cell,producing hydroxyl as fuel.

Full Description:
This cooker uses hydroxyl as fuel created from a solar panel ,this method does away with : wood, kero, biogas,Lpg,manure,and all other fuels because we are using sunlight and electrolysis. There is no need for anybody to walk for hours in the dark or in the rain and or dangerous places as the women now have to do.
The replacement is a bag of potassium hydroxide that costs approx. $20US per 30kg that lasts approx. 3 months. This is used in the electrolysis cell to produce gas,and is potentially harmless and almost zero pollution. The same product is used in soap and is easily obtainable.
cost: solar panel approx. $100US
Battery $50 US
Peltier pads $30 US
Cooker $12
Blowback arrestor $10 US
Cannistors $13 US
Pottasium Hydroxide 30kg - $20US
Solar panel $100US
These could be rented or leased to households or financed by the World Bank or UNICEF or private financiers. Once they own the cooking device they only have to purchase the hydroxide.
This cooker is also designed to be used with nano particle now not available but at a later date (The complete unit costing less than $100 including one 30kg of nano .)
For sale outright price negotiable.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Our cooker can be used with nano particle and using electrolysis .(presently nano not available) This cooker does away with all present forms of fuel and is zero pollution.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
For Sale outright , price negotiable.
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Date posted: 2017-03-20

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