Smart Audio Digital Radio Recorder

Multipurpose Home/Office Smart Audio Digital/Radio Recorder & MP3 Player with the Revolutionary Smart Audio Notes Recording Software System. Records all you're favorite radio shows, music, concerts, sports events, etc., anytime day or night, unattended and replays them on you're home or office stereo-component or All-In-One Radio System, whenever you want.

Full Description:
Smart Audio Digital Radio Recorder, Smart Audio Notes Recording Software System, Smart Audio Time Capsule 1 of 3

* Solves a long lasting need, every radio listener will want one.
* Never miss another important radio show, concert,
interview, newscast, or sports event etc. again!
* Works with all stereo component, All-In-One, Mini,
Bookshelf, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, and even Hi Def systems.
* Tremendous Worldwide Market Potential!
* Records while working, shopping, doing chores,
running errands, out of town or on vacation!
* One Touch Real Time On The Fly Recording direct from radio, CD, cassette player, turntable or computer.
* Will sell on sight and or on sound.
* Records memos, meetings, messages, dictation etc.
* Automatic, convenient and easy to operate.
* Plays MP3's, I tunes, WMA, WAV & other audio files,
on your home of office stereo system or by itself!
* Displays a colorful Light Show, in time with music.
* State Of The Art Technology with many unique features.
Also includes the ingenious, exclusive, revolutionary Smart Audio Notes Recording Software System with the Smart Audio Time Capsule!

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Ability to record audio files directly from a home or office stereo radio system and replay them at any time. Also records audio notes, messages, reminders etc. for individual family members or office members for reply at anytime with color coded priority.

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Date posted: 2017-11-02

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