Seat to Relieve and Prevent Low Back Pain in Sedestation

Our low back pain reliever is designed to keep your back straight and comfortable during long journeys of being seated.

Full Description:
When we sit our spine is straight but after minutes it becomes hyperlordotic (low back bones come too close). This provokes wear of bones and structures that will end up in discomfort and finally low back pain.

Our design shows immediate results since it mechanically corrects the malposture bringing balance and absence of pain during all journey.

The benefit of our product is that there will be no more waist pain after leaving the car or standing from the computer chair. It is light in weight (around 600 grams) and can be taken to the stadium, the TV chair or any place where one can sit.

The product an easily reach the automotive or furniture market with millions in sales.

There are no products of this kind in the market since concepts come from our own research, patented and tried during more than ten years.

The product may be manufactured anywhere since models are readily available upon request.

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Date posted: 2018-10-17

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