A powerful product that takes storage to a whole new level.

Full Description:
Introducing the powerful Serval. With this storage invention, you can save space by more quickly and effectively.

With this handy luggage uses three elements; a power suction from the cordless vacuum, vacuum storage shields and lastly a heat temperature detector.
It functions with the cordless vacuum powered by batteries.

The user must store garments first before layering it with first layer of vacuum sheeting. The first layer is the suction port.

The second the layer is the protective layer, shielding the first layer and its port.
Thirdly this storage unit has a hidden element. A heat detector, In case of any suffocation of animals or infants. Any heat detected inside storage and the suction port will close and the sheeting will coil up.

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Invention #12300
Date posted: 2018-11-19

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