New Heating and Magnetic Stirring Laboratory Water Bath Prototype

This is a prototype for a new acrylic water bath that can heat and stir small sample volume without using submersible stirrers.

Full Description:
Normal acrylic bath for laboratories have aquarium shape that allow to heat samples in a beaker of Erlenmeyer to a desire temperature by using a water heater Lauda type. Usually samples need to be stirred while warming and this is achieved by adding a magnetic stirrer under the bath or a submersible stirrer. the main problem with this design is that it is only good for large volume samples or containers. This prototype address this problem by dividing the aquarium in two compartments that will allow to add a regular magnetic stirrer into an aerial chamber but at the same time reduce the capacity of the aquarium to a level that allow to introduce small volume cups up to 250 mL. this prototype can be very useful for laboratories that need to measure pH and conductivity in many samples.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Laboratories that require to measure pH and conductivity often face the challenge to heat and stir a small sample volume i.e 100 to 250 mL. Current water bath are mainly for large volume while other use submersible stirrers. With this prototype, laboratories can use their current stirrer and heaters circulator to condition and measure a small sample.

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Date posted: 2019-03-17

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