Thermal Mattress for Body Support

Multifunctional vacuum and thermal mattress, portable, reusable and with ecological content, to be used with victims of accidents in hostile environments such as sea, desert or snow and for the millions of patients who suffer daily cardiovascular problems worldwide.

Full Description:
The present invention relates to, but is not limited to, a novel reusable thermal mattress designed for the thermal treatment of a patient, preferably used during the care and transportation of patients in emergency situations. To do so, said mattress (1) comprises a thermal transfer surface (2) with an outer face adapted to receive the body of a patient and an inner face, as well as a thermal compartment (3) arranged inside the mattress in 10 contact with the inner face of the thermal transfer surface, the thermal compartment (3) being adapted to house a thermoactive substance. Lastly, it comprises transfer means (4) for transferring the thermoactive substance between the thermal compartment (3) and an area outside the mattress (1).

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
This multifunctional mattress is designed for those patients that need thermal treatment, could be hypothermia or hyperthermia. When it is necessary to change the body temperature, or cause of the accident the body functions are not responding this product offers the opportunity to warm or cold the victim. Millions of persons in the world are dying daily for strokes, cardiovascular diseases or suffering accidents on the sea, dessert or cold snowy mountains.

This thermal and vacuum mattress is preferably used during the care and transportation of patients in emergency situations before arriving to the hospital. It is a portable, ecological content and reusable system. The actual products on the market are not comparable, they don't have this unics characteristics.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
Auxiliary business is to sell to the mattress buyers too the quimics products that make the cold or warm function

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Patent: ES 1,805,007

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Date posted: 2019-08-11

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