Hot Gloves

The Hot Gloves system is an innovative and unique product designed as personal
protection equipment for electrical energy presence. The Hot Gloves system detects the
presence of electrical energy without making contact with the source of the electrical

Full Description:
The product consists two types of gloves. The first type consists of an elastic
band that is worn around the wrist usually with gloves. Constructed within the band is a voltage detection system that is designed to detect the presence of voltage pressure while the technician is wearing the gloves and working on equipment that functions with electric power. The wrist band will flash and sound an alarm when power is detected.

The second type of glove features Nano-Technology infused into the fabric of the
gloves. The Nano-Technology allows the material to detect the presence of voltage that will activate the visual and audible alarms in the attached monitor component.

When electrical equipment is disconnected from its power source by a technician the Hot Gloves product will not only test for the presence of voltage without making contact of the equipment it will detect if the power has been restored inadvertently while the technician is working on it.

The Hot Gloves device contains a warning light and an audible alarm that will
illuminate immediately if electrical power is present in the immediate area. The gloves
will warn the technician that power is now present and thus avoiding a dangerous
situation or accident. The Hot Gloves product, by monitoring and detecting voltage,
increases the safety of anyone working with electric power equipment.

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Date posted: 2019-08-20

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