Gas-Turbine Power-Plant with Pneumatic Motor with Isobaric Internal Combustion

Highly efficient hybrid energy system, consisting of a pneumatic motor, acting as constant-pressure (isobaric) combustion chamber, and a gas turbine engine.

Full Description:
The disclosed concept presents a combination of a gas-turbine power-plant and a pneumatic motor, acting as an isobaric motor-combustor for the gas-turbine power-plant, to the end of achievement of a highly efficient generation of energy/power. In the process of isobaric combustion of fuel within the pneumatic motor, the pneumatic motor, which is supplied with compressed air by an air compressor from the gas-turbine power-plant, simultaneously performs mechanical work of isobaric combustion (in addition to the mechanical work of adiabatic expansion of the gas turbine) and thus increases the overall cycle output and the cycle thermal efficiency. Various combinations between gas-turbine power-plant and pneumatic motor are disclosed: simple, simple-recuperated, intercooled and intercooled-recuperated gas-turbine-cycle configurations, as well as simple and intercooled combined gas-turbine-steam-turbine cycle configurations.
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Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Significantly more efficient conversion of thermal to mechanical or electrical energy.

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Date posted: 2020-01-05

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