Innovative method for creep-rupture life prediction for high-temperature metallic materials

The method uses a unique algorithmic approach, in contrast with traditional methodologies (Larson-Miller Parameter and similar time-temperature parameters based on the theory of thermo-activated processes), it uses an innovative nonlinear damage summation model along with a program product for its computational realization. The method provides reliable CRL predictions that exceed the maximum test time by approximately two orders of magnitude.

Full Description:
The method will significantly expedite and reduce the cost of the usually long, laborious, and expensive process of determining the CRL of high-temperature metallic materials used in hot zones of power equipment. The method surpasses the known methods in the certainty of CRL determinations. We are ready for collaboration with an interested party in order to examine the method.

By providing highly reliable long-term predictions of CRL for high-temperature metallic materials, the suggested method will facilitate the rise of reliability, longevity, and safety of power equipment.

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Invention #12364
Date posted: 2020-10-03

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