Artificial ventilation device

A ventilation device for breathing support which does not pressurize the lung.

Full Description:
If a patient's breathing is too weak or ceases, it can be supported by artificial respiration. Today, this is done by means of positive pressure via sealed face masks, or by inserting a tube into the trachea (intubation). This form of ventilation with positive pressure is especially problematic in cases of inflammation of the lungs and causes damage to the lungs when used over long periods of time.
An alternative is to support breathing by varying the external pressure on the chest and/or the abdomen. The literature mentions numerous approaches to this problem, but most of them have not found their way into clinical practice or are no longer used.
The invention tackles the challenge of artificial ventilation with a new approach which is well adapted to clinical practice and comfortable for patients.
The invention is protected by an unpublished German utility patent, giving clients the option to shape international filing. To gain insight into the technology, clients are requested to sign a confidentiality agreement which is restricted in scope to the content of the utility patent.
The inventor has 25 years of experience in medical device technology and is inventor or co-inventor of numerous patents, some of which are protecting groudbreaking products with large turnover.
Clients preferably should be well positioned in the field of clinical medical devices.

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Invention #12372
Date posted: 2021-01-28

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