Automatic two-speed reducer

A mechanical two-speed gearbox with automatic gear ratio change is intended for drives of units in which short-term overloads take place (for example, crushers, shredders, construction machines). It is also possible to use it on vehicles in electric vehicle transmissions; by railway transport in locomotive drives, as well as for modernization and expansion of operational capabilities of drives

Full Description:
The presented utility model is aimed at simplifying the design of a mechanism that automatically changes the gear ratio depending on the load on the driven shaft. This design does not contain any electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic or other connections and drives. The essence of the work is that the transmitted power is divided into two streams with different gear ratios, which are controlled by the simplest units, such as a multi-plate clutch, a cam clutch and an overrunning clutch.
If the torque on the driven shaft becomes more than the rated torque, an instant downshift occurs. Thanks to this solution, the design becomes very simple and reliable, the dimensions of the gearbox almost do not differ from the usual two-stage (see figure). This allows it to be used in various drives instead of conventional constant-ratio gearboxes for the following tasks:
1. expanding the operational capabilities of the units;
2. a smoother exit to the nominal operating mode;
3. protection of the drive motor from overload;
4. Prevent the drive from stopping when the load exceeds the maximum;
5. in order to modernize the drive, while keeping the drive design unchanged;
6.Used in electric vehicle transmissions for more efficient battery consumption

The design provides custom settings for the maximum torque at which gear changes occur. Lubrication system - oil bath. For this utility model, I have a detailed description and a 3D model in solidworks.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
The proposed utility model of the gearbox allows you to automatically change the gear ratio depending on the torque on the driven shaft, which allows you to protect the motor from overloads, prevent the drive from stopping, improve the drive energy consumption class, and provide a smoother exit to the operating mode

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Date posted: 2021-02-13

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