Bread Fresh / Food Fresh Appliance

A technologically advanced ( PATENT PENDING ) Container Appliance (that can also be be scaled for Industrial applications) that maintains the freshness of Bread and other Foodstuffs far longer than existing systems.

Full Description:
The System/Appliance uses a combination of technologies to both reduce Moisture coupled with a a type of "chirped pulsed" irradiation which prevents the food from absorbing the bacteria that lead to food degradation and rotting .
(All the details are attached in the files which give a greater explanation of the system)

Attached files:
Bread Bin - Concept Design v2 PPT (1).pptx
bread bin assembly (1) (1).stp
Bread Bin.1_1.mp4

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Invention #12380
Date posted: 2021-03-11

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