Animal Alarm AA-100

A patented design to deter animals from crossing the roadways when a vehicle is present. A unit that detects animals and vehicles and helps to avoid a collision. It works differently in how it was designed, to alarm the animal of danger approaching versus all other devices on the roadways that are designed to alarm the vehicle driver.

Full Description:
Animal Alarm was designed out of the desire to alleviate animals being hit on the road. Designed to forewarn the animal to identify danger and sound a silent alarm. The silent alarm is according to our ears, we can not hear the frequency, but animals can. The unit utilizes a computer program to identify when the alarm should be set off, by noise detection, radar detection, motion detection, identifying the animal and vehicle in the vicinity the camera. All of these play a key role in setting off the alarm to deter the animal from moving forward. The unit has been patented, and I am looking for those that have a passion to make a huge difference in keeping the roads safer for human beings and animals so that we can coexist and flourish. I seek companies that wish to be a licensee, that want to grasp an opportunity, be part of a larger picture, that wish to be on the ground floor of an amazing product. I have already had governmental interest, and this is an item for a large contracting situation. It needs a prototype to be manufactured, and tested, to indicate the data results, and then a manufacturing assembly line to be able to have the unit made, consistently, and all the other components installed. I have been informed that the software engineering is not simple, nor easy, but it will work, and it just takes a bit of assistance to be monumental. I designed this product in hopes to make a difference, a positive difference, in so many aspects. Believe in innovation, change, and thinking outside the box. Please contact me by email; I look forward to speaking with you. My patent no: US 10,743,530 B2

Patent: US 107,435,302   [MORE INFO]

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Invention #12383
Date posted: 2021-04-17

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