A New Way of Shaping Multifunctional Electronic Screens

A new way of shaping multifunctional electronic screens

Full Description:
A innovation idea of new way of shaping multifunctional electronic screens like the same technology we use Touch display and monitors and TVs tablets and phones technology. With the these functions, technologies will be shaped in a new way and have their own unique design structure. Using 2D and 3D image conversion technologies to display images on them, they can be in various different sizes and have multiple uses. They can be carried around or others can be put a home or some models both. It can be implemented and works to be designed and can make a big business and gain much profit out of it. The multi functional electronic screens they have a totally new and unique design structure specific to them and have various different models.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
The mundanity of electronic technologies

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Date posted: 2021-04-24

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