The Best Bag Holder Ever Made - THE KWIK BAGIT SYSTEM

Developed a commercially available Eco-Friendly Portable Utility Device that uses Telescopic Rails and Legs to adjust to fit any size of a bag. It also utilizes washable/reusable poly-cloth bags which are breathable and have leak-proof bottoms. These improvements result in fewer trips to the recycling depots, and the dramatic reduction of the use of unnecessary plastic bags. The retail products are available on the e-commerce website and will be available in retail stores in August of 2021.

Full Description:
With more and more pressure being placed on CPG Manufacturers and Retailers around the world,

Kwik BagIt Products International Inc. has taken the lead in solving this trending worldwide problem, which is only getting worse as Recycling Companies struggle with dismal results of capturing less than 9% of uncontaminated end use packaging products, resulting in over 90% collected that ends up in the municipal landfills who can't take any more excess packaging materials and thereby puts more financial pressure on CPG and Retailers which lead to higher consumer product prices and higher taxes from municipalities.

The new "Kwik BagIt Closed-Loop Rewards Recycling System" will improve the way consumers recycle their packaged goods right in their homes - before it gets put in the Blue Bin.

The Kwik BagIt System has had preliminary results of capturing 80%+ recovery.

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Date posted: 2021-09-23

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