It's Great for Traveling, cooks, stay home mom's are just gonna have to have this for sure or anyone who's just loves convince. Not to mention it's ICO friendly, great for those who love there spices and hates having to pack them. Takes up no space and basically all around something everyone can use, my SweetSAK.

Full Description:
A very light weight hand bag that stores all your spices or anything for that matter, that looks like a purse/ hand bag opens on each side to make the bag lay flat And be hung on wall as its own spice shelve. So if your on your way to a camping trip or pick Nick or even on the go Always all you have to do is grab your spices of the wall and throu it over your shoulder as a bag and go easy as that no spice shelves or even the headache of looking for that 1 spice that just so happens to be in the back lol short people you feel me, that you can't reach well no more of all that it's on your wall out of the way. Its great I use it as we speak and it hasn't failed me yet! ,

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Invention #12413
Date posted: 2021-12-25

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