WerXtation- Pop Up workstation

WerXtation is a space saving ergonomic mobile workstation which conveniently collapses when your space is required for other purposes. Your computer peripherals - large screen, keyboard and mouse remain connected and are conveniently retained within the unit for deployment within seconds. Please visit www.werxtation.com

Full Description:
WerXtation is a unique and convenient solution for remote working applications, such as home office and other temporary workspaces. Available as a fixed height seated or Sit/Stand powered height adjustable the WerXtation is an ideal solution to the ergonomic responsibilities employers face for those working from homes with space constraints.
WerXtation has a “sister” product “GameZtation” (www.gameztation.com) which as the name suggests is aimed at computer gaming, which in it’s own right has a massive market opportunity. Simple research shows that greater than 60% of adults in USA are active in the computer gaming community and the average spend on equipment for this purpose is climbing rapidly.
Suitable for use with laptops, computer towers and gaming consoles, WerXtation/GameZtation is a versatile and durable workspace designed to provide the ergonomic benefits of large format computer screens and keyboards, with the convenience and compact nature of a small laptop.
The fact is that since Covid 19 ravaged the globe, a new acceptance of remote working has evolved which is here to stay in one form or another. Further we are now conscious of the impact that such a pandemic can reek on the business world with no guarantee that it will not recur.
By virtue of it’s compact size WerXtation/GameZtation is ideally suited to global distribution on Amazon or the like. Each unit is boxed “customer ready” ex-factory for delivery, with simple assembly of 8 screws to attach only the two feet.
These two products are ready to launch, branding and IP protection is in place, prototyping has been completed, websites operational and the supply chain out of China has been established and tested.
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Date posted: 2022-03-01

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