Solar Pressure Atmospheric Water Generator

An energy efficient atmospheric water generator that utilizes solar power.

Full Description:
Solar Pressure Atmospheric Water Generator (patent #17/360,887). Here is a video and description of it.

The invention uses heat from sunlight to expand glycerin based liquid to cause pressure. The pressure pushes refrigerant through a valve causing cooling in a copper tube. The air condensates on the outside of the copper. Water drips into a filter and into a storage tank for consumption. The device has 2 magnifying domes with electrochromic film on them. The film allows the domes to change from clear to opaque. When one electrochromic dome becomes clear, sunlight is focused on the glycerin based liquid in a container causing it to expand and push on the spacer. The spacer then pushes on a refrigerant that aerosolizes when going through the valve. Once aerosolized it cools the copper tube and mesh causing condensation. At the same time the refrigerant enters the tube through a valve. A three way valve at the opposite end of the tube opens to allow the refrigerant to leave the tube. Water condensation drips from the mesh and into the storage tank. The the other dome becomes clear as the first one darkens, starting the process over again.

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Invention #12425
Date posted: 2022-04-05

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