Load Securement/Tiedown Device

New load securement strap that allows simple, neat tiedown of load items. No tangling, no mess, completely unique and contained within itself.

Full Description:
This new tiedown/load securement device is like no other strap on the market. I have used many straps in my life for both personal use and a lot for my profession. After much frustration with supposedly simple straps (i.e. Cam Buckle straps) which are not capable of creating much tension. And (i.e. Ratchet straps), which are able to pull a lot of tension but frustrating to get them to always work right. I combined some of the principles that I use in my everyday line of work to come up with a device that has many benefits over the traditional tiedown.
1) It can be tightened by a simple pull of the strap and be released by the push of a button. 2) It is capable of pulling over 400 pounds of tension.
3) The excess strap is contained within the sleeve of fabric, so no issues of it flapping in the wind/getting in the way/creating a hazard.
4) The strap itself is designed in a way so when it is stored, all parts are contained neatly and compact. This prevents tangling during storage.

I have a video that shows the strap in action, if you want that sent in an email.

I did a patent search and found that there are no other straps in the patent office that use key components such as mine. I submitted a patent, and was awarded the patent on February 7, 2023, as a unique idea that nobody has come up with. The patent number is: 11572008
I have built prototypes and have enjoyed bringing the idea to life. But I am finding that my busy life schedule is preventing me from moving it forward. I would be interested in a possible partnership or licensing of the product. I'd also be willing to sell the whole thing all together. Thanks!

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
In the tiedown/load securement world, there are a number of problems that we run into with straps. Such as: clean storage, excess straps flapping, fighting rusted ratchet mechanisms, untangling, as well as being able to pull an adequate tension for the object being tied down. These were all the reasons that I wanted to create this strap, because every person who uses them gets frustrated with the problems using the only ones on the market.

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Patent: US 11,572,008   [MORE INFO]

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Available for consultation? Yes

Invention #12426
Date posted: 2022-04-09

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