Visual Innovation Portfolio Management

We've built a visual tool for a large insurer to manage internal innovation projects, the tool allows users to submit ideas for funding, search existing projects, update statutes and contact key stakeholders. It's also set up so different users get access to differing levels of data. It makes corporate collaboration and internal communication significantly faster and more streamlined.

Full Description:
Our visualization tool in its essence can visualize any dataset from Excel to JSON and make otherwise vast interconnected datasets understandable, collaborative and builds a platform around them with different user privileges. The tool is being used by large corporates to manage their internal innovation projects and allows them to:

Track dependencies from different workstreams within a project. Projects have several sub-initiatives and they may have dependencies between them and to other projects.

Get comments on projects.

Avoid submitting duplicated ideas and rather seek collaboration across different business units.

Take inspiration and re-use or replicate existing ideas.

Get an overview of an idea by clicking and viewing a popup. A “More Info” button provides further data, e.g. a way to contact the idea originator.

White-label using custom fonts and colours.

Have different user types: some who can view only, and admins who can see more data, edit, export and import CSVs and request more data.

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Date posted: 2022-10-12

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