Patent-pending Cryptocurrency Value Protection Methods and Large Scale Price Management at the Exchanges

This patent-pending innovation relates to methods that will help create the most reliable cryptocurrency, by protecting the value of a stable cryptocurrency (stablecoin) to preserve its pegged value to a specific fiat currency, and providing large scale price management at multiple exchanges to mitigate a run on the token.

Full Description:
This patent-pending innovation provides methods that help create a most reliable cryptocurrency that is pegged to the value of fiat currency such as US dollar, Euro, Sterling, Pound, Yen, and others, whose value has protection from de-pegging or devaluation.

This current innovation in its various embodiments aims to provide redemption on
request from stablecoin back to fiat at the pegged value, or traded for other digital
assets, even on a large scale by managing the prices at multiple crypto exchanges
therefore mitigating a potential run on the stablecoin.

This current innovation aims to contribute to developments in this area beyond the
‘proof of reserves’ protocol to a proposed ‘proof of managed value protection’ or
similarly described protocol.

This current innovation also aims to provide the token with broad acceptability and
confidence as the most dependable cryptocurrency.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
- Provides the stablecoin issuer with huge demand for their token with massive market circulation
and therefore potential for very lucrative revenues

- Prevents de-pegging or devaluation of the stablecoin

- Mitigates a potential run on the stablecoin

- Provides the stablecoin with broad acceptability and
confidence as the most dependable cryptocurrency.

Patent: US 63,594,437   [MORE INFO]

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Invention #12487
Date posted: 2023-11-16

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