Aeronautics Inventions

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new helicopter swash plate/rotor head

in the design, cylindrical bearings from renown manufacturers were used to help with the cyclic and motion

Propeller Safety Guides

Brightly colored guides extend out of a helicopter (or airplane) at landing. They are placed one foot from blades. Guides are parallel to the blades, stable and porous (designed not to affect airflow). A loud and visible alarm is activated at contact.

Filco or airplane's eye

It is an instrument that acts as Fillipers' eyes in the sea and Concords' eyes in the sky. It shows the position of the airplane exactly (North-South-East-West-Up-Down-Artificial horizon), even loop, roll or bank movements in two ways!

Subscriber-based airfare web-site

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I have sold my invention, the (Samson) Electron Battery Accelerator due to the listing on IdeaConnection. Thanks, was a great place for exposure to the public!
– Ken F.

Thanks IdeaConnection!
My Egg Cracker invention is now under licence in the United States, thanks to my listing on your inventions page.
– John O.