Biomedical Inventions

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Multifunction Infectious Disease Prevention apparatus and Method

Newly allowed US patent, issuance fee to be paid next two week.

Ultrasonic Brain Sweeper

Lack of an effective treatment for damaged nerve cells - Use of ultrasonic as a tool to repair an decided effective to to. - Use of ultrasonic as an imaging and as a therapeutic device is well know. - Use of ultrasonic as a surgical tool is less well known. Reference: Fortune Fry Lab (1974) and their development of a surgical device nicknamed "Candy", I suggest the development of an ultrasonic device, with frequency, power, and duration (to be determine) that targets a specific cell or cell group type. I offer this idea freely, without any monetary gain; I wave all my privacy rights. This includes all rights associated under Intellectual Property.

One man health,nature medicine .

Cure,relief and preventing the diseases like degenerative changes,cardiovascular disease,auto immune disease,infectious disease and inflammatory disease.

High Performance Electro-Hydraulic Active Prosthetic Limb Design

Fundamental breakthroughs in exoskeleton technology, which lower the weight and power consumption of bionic legs to levels never thought possible, are the subject of four licensed patent applications. One of the four patents extends the exoskeleton power regeneration technology to prosthetic knees as illustrated above. The company has developed an active prosthetic knee design which is the subject of two more patent applications. The company has functioning prototypes with complete design documentation ready for technology transfer to a prosthetics manufacturer.

I have sold my invention, the (Samson) Electron Battery Accelerator due to the listing on IdeaConnection. Thanks, was a great place for exposure to the public!
– Ken F.

Thanks IdeaConnection!
My Egg Cracker invention is now under licence in the United States, thanks to my listing on your inventions page.
– John O.