Air Cab

Air Cab
Just in - flying taxis will start taking off as soon as next June. Trials are currently being held in France with VTOLs, Vertical Take-Off and Landing vehicles, produced by German company Volocopter.

This new mode of transport is being used to complement existing modes, whether it is to transport people or goods. Each vehicle will be able to carry two passengers with hand luggage, for a maximum of 440 pounds.

These taxis have already been tested in different parts of the world-however, it will be tested for the first time in the heart of a city, namely Singapore. This new form of transportation will drive a new era of technology and innovation. By 2030, buying a ticket for a flying taxi will be considered the new normal!

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Pl send me details of this product.
Posted by Arun Sharma on October 7, 2020

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