Aira Massaging Jacket

Aira Massaging Jacket
Take your massage on the go with the Aira jacket, a new wearable that hides a “mobile massage suite” inside its unobtrusive hoodie form.

Developed by the Singapore-based TWare (the creators of the hug jacket), the Aira is equipped with air-filled chambers able to target and massage the lower and upper back while the jacket is being worn, without interfering with work. According to the designers, the Aira can provide an afternoon energy boost or make a long commute more comfortable, and it can even function comfortably as a normal, non-massaging jacket.

Aira Massaging Jacket

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İ want to learn how long can we use it and how size you ha ve and eğere it take energy from aksi ağar is projece for fob or cif for türkiye
Posted by Mustafa Ciftci on September 28, 2015

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