All the Flavor - Half the Salt

All the Flavor - Half the Salt
A new processing technology called microwave-assisted thermal sterilization (MATS) could make it possible to reduce sodium while maintaining food tastiness.

Using the MATS microwave technology to kill pathogens in food has the benefit of keeping food's flavor intensity which reduces the need for added salt.

Current processing methods take time to reach processing temperatures and time to cool down which changes the texture of the food and its flavor. The MATS process is much quicker and changes the quality of the food much less, thereby requiring up to 50% less salt to make food palatable.

Typical processed foods are high in salt which is detrimental to health, so this technology could have a beneficial health impact on populations whose diet is high in processed foods.

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hi...... how it work
Posted by birinois algerien on March 30, 2020

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