AR Headset Improves Depth Perception

AR Headset Improves Depth Perception
An AR headset able to improve depth perception could help the visually impaired better navigate their environment.

People suffering from retinitis pigmentosa often have decreased depth perception and peripheral vision, making it difficult to interact with objects. The AR headset system from researchers at the University of Southern California helps address this issue with a standard Microsoft Hololens and its depth-sensing camera. The headset was equipped with the team’s specialized SLAM (simultaneous location and mapping) software, which provides an in-view grid that will change color based on the distance of an object in the wearer’s field of vision. Tests with the glasses on volunteers resulted in a 70 percent improvement in accurate grasping capabilities.

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Would this help in any way the vision of a person who sees well, but that only has one eye?
Posted by Anon ymous on September 4, 2019

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