AudioHound Project Gives Ears to Self-Driving Cars

AudioHound Project Gives Ears to Self-Driving Cars
The OtoSense startup hopes to increase self-driving car safety and reliability by giving the cars a sense of hearing.

Developed under the project AudioHound, the OtoSense machine-learning software can be taught certain noises, such as sirens or change in the engine sounds. The prototype tablet app version of the system can be used to diagnose mechanical issues, and could also be built into the cars to help detect problems earlier.

Eventually, perhaps, the OtoSense technology could be used in conjunction with a windshield-based microphone, allowing the vehicle to detect and respond to environmental sounds as necessary.

Image: A Waymo self-driving car in 2017

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The reverse is true where highly technical areas such as fighter aircraft with their myriod of instruments just beep and flash, now use associated sounds like,
Spluttering for low fuel,kettle whistle for overheating engine, etc.
A smart engine builder can pick out the variation in sounds, tack tack noise for 30 seconds means insuffient oil to tappets, valve train.
Problem-Variation sound slight drop off in all rev range ,
Choice, 4 options can be determined by sound. Just old tricks used in a new way.
With computerization.
An additional method available using this new method is exact location of noise by using, sound pickups opposite end of motor and a third on top would triangulate to exact position of problem ,@60ft per sec the distant between and angle of direction timed to computer clock would give exact location.
Additional checking of oil with ATOMIC ABSORBTION SPECTROMETER would define wear components involved.
Posted by Stephen Fitton on May 10, 2017

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