Automated Patient Rotation Bed

Automated Patient Rotation Bed
First automated rotation bed to turn patient 90°
First rotation bed to use regular soft mattress

Wicastle has created a functional way to care for the immobilized individual. Wicastle rotation bed is a unique, computer-controlled, therapy system that manually or automatically turns the bed-user to different stable sleeping positions without the aid of caregivers or institutional staff. The bed closely mimics the body's natural nocturnal motion by mechanically repositioning it in order to re-establish blood flow to compressed tissue and thus prevent the formation of life-threatening bedsores and other complications of immobility. The motion is timed (rather than random) when under computer control and the rate is adjustable to fit individual need.


Patient can use the standard regular soft mattress to have a home cozy feeling

Patient lies on a horizontal mattress surface with all positions

Patient lands on the torso instead of arm in each turn

Full 90° turn to relief all pressure on the free body surface

Full body position change instead of just reducing skin pressure

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Wow.. This seems to be a very required medical advancements for people who are bed-ridden or have mobility issues, for example, patients with pressure sores or bedsores. Now an efficient blood circulation can be ensured & different chronic ulcers can be avoided.
Posted by wound care surgeons on July 29, 2021

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