Biobulb Shows Bacteria in a New Light

Biobulb Shows Bacteria in a New Light
The Biobulb is a bacteria-powered bulb, glowing naturally from the light emitted by a population of genetically engineered bacteria.

Created by a team of undergraduates from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Biobulb gets its glow from a strain of E.coli that has been engineered with a plasmid containing the gene for bioluminescence. The bacteria are housed in what the team refers to as an “ecosystem in a jar,” a closed and stable ecosystem made up of an array of microbes that help to control population and provide nutrient recycling.

The team’s goal in creating the bulb was to increase awareness of the field of synthetic biology. They are currently raising funds for the project on Rockethub, where contributors can receive their own biobulb kit.

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Hi you guys, speaking as an inventor and futurist, I just want to say I believe you are on the right track. As of the most efficient concepts are already there in nature, if you know enough about cell biology and its atomic and molecular conversion. I am convinced by what I have learnt so far, that if 'we' can redirect the reactive opportunities within the mitochondrial function to that which we require, an infinite power source will be available to us, (humanity). Keep up the good work. From an old engineer.
Posted by David Squires on August 22, 2013

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