Building Houses with Mud-Slinging Drones

Building Houses with Mud-Slinging Drones
Mud-spraying hovering drones mix past and future building techniques to create unique, locally-sourced habitats.

Part of a project from French architect Stéphanie Chaltiel, the drone-based building system would begin with a simple, lightweight frame covered in a tensile material. Once the structure is in place, a pump-equipped drone is loaded with a mixture of local ingredients like mud or oils to form the “shotcrete,” which is then sprayed on the frame to create a stable, watertight shell.

Not only do the drones speed construction while using local resources, they are also extremely portable--ideal for remote and inaccessible areas.

Building Houses with Mud-Slinging Drones

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Perhaps Insect Shells Inspire Stronger Buildings (Oct-5-18) and Building Houses with Mud-Slinging Drones (Oct-6-18) could be put together? Drones would build autonomously temporary gazebos and pavilions from recyclable materials as a show carrying elements, building the frame like an igloo, spraying parts together and finally covering.
Posted by Uolevi Kattun on October 9, 2018

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