Caper AI Shopping Cart Speeds Consumer Consumption

Caper AI Shopping Cart Speeds Consumer Consumption
The AI-equipped Caper shopping cart eliminates checkout lines to encourage carefree shopping.

Developed by the startup of the same name, the Caper shopping cart looks much like a standard cart, and is equipped with a barcode scanner and credit card swipe. However, to further speed the consumer process, the team is working to include image recognition and a weight sensor into the cart. Shoppers can pay for their items directly from the cart, with no need to visit a cashier, and the team states the simplified grab-and-go shopping can increase sales by up to 18 percent.

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Hello Vejo add potential for your technology in the Brazilian market. Can we bring Caper to the Brazilian consumers?
Anxious to receive news.
Posted by Ailton Mendes on February 7, 2019

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