Copper Rescue

Copper Rescue
If Your Looking for a Homeopathic or Holistic Alternative for Cold Relief, Check out Copper Rescue®
Copper has been used for millennia for a multitude of purposes including medicinal. In modern times, it has been used in various industries from electricity and wiring to plumbing and roofing, it has multiple uses. However, it wasn’t until 2008 that the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) recognized copper as the first antimicrobial metal. Since then, various studies have surfaced proving the element’s various benefits. Additionally, modern hospitals are also using copper infused surfaces to effectively reduce infections. Copper Rescue® has been developed as a personal use antimicrobial wellness tool for individuals and people on the go.

Copper Rescue® provides one of the best antimicrobial products, which is a multitool made of 99.9% copper that is used to aid the body’s natural immune system to fight off colds, cold sores and finger and facial warts as well as naturally sanitizing and cleaning and healing minor cuts. Thanks to its antimicrobial properties and effectiveness, it has become popular among its users and is coveted as a natural germ defense system. We believe society deserves access to our leading antimicrobial products to protect themselves and others, which is why we created an effective naturopathic homeopathic alternative nasal wand equipped with the features to ward off microbes and germs quickly and easily. However, Copper Rescue® should not be used by persons with Wilson’s disease or those with allergies or sensitivity to copper.

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