Easy to Use uArm Swift Robotic Assistant Arm

Easy to Use uArm Swift Robotic Assistant Arm
The uArm Swift robot arm invention brings a personal robotic assistant into the home, and onto the desktop.

An evolution of uFactory’s original robotic arm, the uArm Swift is designed to be easily programmable, and does not even require a knowledge of code. Instead, the Arduino-controlled device will include a ‘muscle-memory’ function that enables it to remember the motions after being moved by hand. The uArm Swift also includes Bluetooth for mobile app control, and an array of different accessories that enable it to perform a range of tasks, including engraving, drawing, or even playing games.

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If the vision is sharp, this could also search and sort items. Legos are simple, jigsaw puzzles more demanding and components difficult. Lastly it could return all tools and materials back to shelves and boxes.
Posted by Uolevi Kattun on February 1, 2017

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