Elastic Hinge Eyeglasses

Elastic Hinge Eyeglasses
The idea behind the Elastic Hinge project is already in the name of the glasses themselves. They wanted to create something that would use different materials rather than traditional metals. After experimenting with various folding techniques from other products, they got their inspiration eventually from how tent rods are structured. The basic concept is to thread an elastic cord in the channels of the glasses frame. The glasses themselves are made through SLA 3D printing technology and so they were also able to take advantage of the small inner channels in both the frames and the handles. This technique made it more transparent and had voids which is where they were able to thread the elastic cords. They used translucent materials for the frames and brightly colored cords so people can see how these elastic hinges actually work.

Elastic Hinge Eyeglasses

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These glasses protect us with dangerous effect of sun
Posted by Syed azeem Haider on June 26, 2022

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