EZ Snap Exterior Window Shade System

EZ Snap Exterior Window Shade System
New Exterior Shade system that blocks 90% of the sun’s heat, without blocking the view.

These innovative sun screens features a new, patented fastener system that allows home owners to quickly install their own “cut-to-size” exterior window shades. The fasteners features 3M’s peel & stick, VHB adhesive for amazing holding power in all climates.

The EZ Snap exterior shade system is a very effective and inexpensive way to cool your house, reducing air conditioning needs by up to 60%. The EZ Snap mesh stops the sun’s heat on the outside of the window, not only cooling the home’s interior, but the window glass as well. Install is quick and easy and the non-fray, EZ Snap shading mesh is an optical grade so that you can see right through it, without having you view blocked. Installation requires simply cutting the mesh to size on site and fastening it in to place using the patented EZ Snap fasteners. The EZ Snap fasteners also allow for the shades to be taken down for winter storage, by quickly unsnapping the shades from the window frame.

You Tube Animation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0seB003yXM

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Who can I get hold of to become a re-seller in South Africa.
Posted by Martin Kraft on April 8, 2013
Im looking to purchase some of the plastic snap covers and 3m mounts.
Posted by Rob Piper on April 28, 2021

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