Designers like Eun-Jeong Pi attempt to bridge the small spaces in which many of us live with our strong desires to still remain close to nature and live sustainably – Farmin, a smart vegetable cultivator designed by Pi, offers one such bridge.

Farmin is comprised of four main parts: the body, cover, seedling bags, and an LED lid. The body is definitely the hub of the vegetable cultivator, storing the soil, seedling bags, and water inlet. Along the left side of the body, an LED indicator signals to users when the soil in Farmin could use some water, which can then be distributed using the water inlet until filled completely. Then, on the right side, the body features an air filter that helps maintain the cultivator’s productivity and regulate the air that the plants breathe.

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Also cultivating food from cells might interest people as a hobby even if it were not yet practical.
Posted by Uolevi Kattun on March 5, 2021
I want to know more about this, especially am worried about the use of chemicals and Various ways in which what we eat is contaminated.
Posted by Dr.Suhasini Bhatnagar on March 10, 2021

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