FasRaP Light Activated Concrete Repair Tape

FasRaP Light Activated Concrete Repair Tape
Researcher have created a light-activated concrete repair tape that cuts labor needs in half.

Concrete structures are often repaired by wrapping the damaged area in fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) sheets, but this process requires a resin first be applied to the concrete.

The new FRP, called FasRaP (Fast Wrapping Fiber Reinforced Polymer) was developed by a team from Nanyang Technological University to reduce the time and resources by eliminating the need for the resin pre-coat. Instead, the FasRaP material itself has been coated with an adhesive that will on harden when exposed to light. The FasRaP can, therefore, be applied directed to the repair surface with half the workers and in half the time. And, as an added bonus, the material can also be applied over undamaged walls and structures to increase earthquake resistance.

Image- (NTU Singapore) NTU Associate Professor Ng Kee Woei holding the FasRaP, JTC Group Director of Engineering Mr. Calvin Chung holding a concrete cylinder that was cracked under high pressure, and Prostruct Consulting Founder Dr. Ang Choon Keat holding a concrete cylinder reinforced with FasRaP, which can withstand twice the load compared to bare concrete.

FasRaP Light Activated Concrete Repair Tape

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