Faucet Light Color-Codes Water Temperature

Faucet Light Color-Codes Water Temperature
The LED Faucet Light lets you check your water temperature visually and adds a bit of party-time flair to the kitchen or bathroom

The sensor and light can be installed on almost any faucet, and require no external power source or batteries. The built-in thermometer will measure the temperature of the water, triggering the light to shine in three different colors: red for hot (above 110F), green for lukewarm and blue for cold. According to some users, the fun, flowing colored water has the added bonus of encouraging children to wash their hands.

Faucet Light Color-Codes Water Temperature

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What about chemical or badwater color codes
Posted by robrrt riley on September 5, 2013
Excellent, Could you please send me the cost ?
e-mail: nath.kamalg@gmail.com
cell: +971504503189
Posted by kamal nath on December 7, 2013

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