GridDrones Flying Pixels Create Models in Mid-Air

GridDrones Flying Pixels Create Models in Mid-Air
The innovative GridDrones system uses a swarm of flying drones to create a screen in mid-air.

Created by the Human Media Lab at Queen’s University, the GridDrones system is made up of a swarm of hovering drones serving as pixels that can be physically touched and moved into position. The drones can be programmed via a smartphone app to maintain a specific spatial relationship, allowing users to create 3D models of landscape or objects or program animations.

According to professor Roel Vertegaal, “This is an important first step towards robotic systems that render graphics as physical reality, rather than as just light. This means users will have a fully immersive experience without a head-mounted display, one that provides haptics for free.”

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Tiny pixels might substitute holograms, camos and masks.
Posted by Uolevi Kattun on October 19, 2018

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