Gyroboard For Indoor Boarding

Gyroboard For Indoor Boarding
The Gyroboard is designed to allow skateboarders and snowboarders a way to practice and stay in shape during the off season or bad weather.

Designed by Gyro Enterprises of New Zealand, the Gyroboard can move in many different ways, spinning up to 360 degrees and tilting from side to side. The intensity of the tilt and spin can be limited and the board is detachable from the stand, making it easy to carry.

The Gyroboard is available in three versions, from a larger board for general fitness use to a more standard sized skateboard deck.

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What's the big idea? Windsurfers were doing this 20 years ago!
Posted by Jerry Joynson on March 16, 2012
Love it, keep me posted.

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Posted by Chris Gallagher on July 25, 2012

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