Handheld Device Spins Bespoke Bandages

Handheld Device Spins Bespoke Bandages
A handheld device able to spin a protective dressing directly onto wounds offers a valuable method for treating injuries in the field.

The device creates its bespoke bandages via electrospinning, drawing charged polymer threads into filaments using an electrical field. The field generator is located safely inside the device, spinning the fibers that are then ejected through the nozzle and onto the skin with a jet of air. The polymers could be mixed with medications to release therapeutic agents over time, speeding healing while protecting the wound.

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Dear Sirs,
We are a food production&agriculture&food retail group of companies in TURKEY.Due to our growth strategy based on innovation,we are willing to distribute your device within TURKEY.We will appreciate your product cataloque and price-list.Thanks in advance.
Best Regards,
Dr.Gürkan Dumlu
Posted by Dr.Gürkan Dumlu on November 17, 2019

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